A Graphical View of PanDA Mon, 27 March 2023 09:48:23 UTC
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These Panglia web pages provide a graphical view of the The PanDA Production and Distributed Analysis System, known as Panda

Here at the TRIUMF ATLAS Tier-1 data centre we continuously query the state of Panda, recording the information in round-robin archive files via Ganglia gmetrics. The provided graphs show the state of 'Panda Clouds' and 'Panda Sites' over time.

See our 'bycloud' link for a global view of Cloud States.

Various grid sites scrape graphs from this service. Three generators are available for this purpose:

As a reminder, the meanings of the various job states are duplicated here for reference:

  • defined - job-record inserted in PandaDB
  • assigned - dispatchDBlock is subscribed to site to transfer input files to T2 or to prestage input files from T1 TAPE
  • waiting - input files are not ready
  • activated - waiting for pilot requests
  • sent - sent to a worker node
  • running - running on a worker node
  • holding - adding output files to DQ2 datasets
  • transferring - output files are moving from site to a central resource
  • finished - completed successfully
  • failed - failed due to errors